Tax Season Delayed★ 4 things you need to know about this tax season

Jul 3, 2020
Tax season delayed★ 4 things you need to know about this tax season picture

1. New tax filing dates have been introduced

Tax filing season will now begin on 1 September, which means that there are new deadlines for taxpayers.

For those who file their taxes online:

If you are earning a salary, with no provisional income, your tax season is from 1 September 2020 until 16 November 2020.

If you have a provisional income (other income, remuneration or an allowance from an employer that is not registered for employees tax), your tax season is from 1 September 2020 until 31 January 2021.

For those who file their taxes at a SARS branch:
SARS will only be accepting tax filing by appointment. Your tax season is from 1 September 2020 until 22 October 2020.


2. Don’t accept SARS auto-assessments

SARS may contact you via SMS to auto-assess your taxes in August. We advise you not to accept the auto-assessment and file your tax return on 1 September 2020. This will prevent you from losing out on your full refund, or in the worst-case scenario, not receive a refund at all. The auto-assessment does not allow you to claim tax deductions like medical expenses, donations, home office, wear and tear of resources, etc. 


3. Get your documents ready

Even though the tax season has been delayed, that doesn’t mean that you have to delay the process of getting your documents in order. 

Here’s a list of 6 of the most common documents that you will need:

  • IRP5 from your employer / Pension
  • Medical aid certificate
  • IT3b/IT3c showing your investments
  • Retirement annuity certificate
  • PBO certificate showing your donations
  • Travel logbook for business travel


  • 4. Have a tax number & eFiling profile

If you have not registered for SARS eFiling or you don't have a tax number dont worry, SARS has made it easy as one,

Getting a tax number is now as easy as registering on SARS eFiling. Simply click here to register and if you don’t have a personal income tax number yet, SARS will automatically issue you with a tax reference number on registration. You are required to have a valid South African ID. 

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