VAT Registration (Requirements)

By ALI MALEKANE · Jun 29, 2020
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VAT Registration (Requirements)

- Company tax number required
- Completed and signed VAT application (VAT101) form
- Certified copies of registration document (COR14.1, COR14.1A, COR14.3, COR15.1A)
- Certified copies of identity documents of the two main directors
- Original signed and stamped letter from bank confirming business bank details (no internet printouts)
- Certified copy of identity documents of the representative employer
- Recent original business municipal account
- If the property is leased, a certified copy of the lease agreement
- Recent original residential municipal account of the Individual or representative employer
- Completed and signed confirmation of residential address form CRA01 on SARS website
- Copy of financial information listed as per part four of the application form to determine taxable supplies (no cash flow projections)
  (e.g. bank statements showing deposits and copies of invoices issued for last 3 months showing R 50,001 or more)


  • The VAT application must be submitted in person by the individual, partner, representative vendor or registered tax practitioner.
  • If the VAT application form is posted/dropped into SARS mailboxes at their branches, the registration process may take much longer.
  • Vat registration may only be applied for in respect of a tender, once the tender has been awarded
  • COMPULSORY REGISTRATION: Any business who’s turnover exceeds or is likely to exceed R 1 million per annum.
  • VOLUNTARILY REGISTRATION: Any business who’s turnover is at least R 50,000 but less that R 1 million per annum.
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