Import/export license picture

All entities that are importing/exporting goods for commercial reasons or goods over R3,000 (once off or throughout the year) need to register with c…

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Import license picture


Do you need an Import Number from Customs. We will register your Company for an Import Number at SARS in the quickest possible timeframe.


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Cross border permit (via cbrta) picture


A permit that allows the cross-border road transportation of goods for business purposes. In accordance with the Cross-Border Road Transport Ac…

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Clearing agent (customs) picture

All individuals or entities that submit declarations to Customs on behalf of other importers or exporters have to be licensed to do so. If you are no…

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Sadc certificates picture

Exporters to member countries need to fill out a new blank certificate to send with each export in order for the buyer to benefit from import duty sa…

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Eur 1 certificates picture

Do you need EUR1 Certificates? An EUR1, also known as a 'movement certificate', enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced o…

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Imports/exports licence amendment picture

Do you need to do an Amendment or change your Trade Agreement on your current License with Customs. We will do the changes for you at SARS in the qui…

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Import and export license (individual/personal application) picture

Do you need an Import License or Export License to trade internationally in your personal capacity? We provide a Specialised Imports and Exports Regi…

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Import and export license (combo) (foreigners) picture

mport and Export License (Combo) (Foreign Directors)

Timeframe: 25 working days

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